‘Pombe Sio Supu, Mi Nimewacha’ Magix Enga Clears Suicidal Post, Says He Was Drunk

Magix Enga had most netizens worried over the weekend after an Instagram post suggesting he was on the verge of committing suicide. Before making the post, the beat king had complained about Kenyans not supporting local music; reiterating about his latest song ‘Stress Free’ gathering only 17K views in one month.

”My new song stress free, 17k views in one month. What the f*k is 17k views?… Kenyans they like bringing artists down. They don’t support their own…”

Afterwards, he made a post on Instagram written ‘I’m gonna die tonight’ and he captioned ”I’m going to miss everyone.”

The post had many celebrities calling him; from their comments you could easily tell. Turns out, Magix was just drunk when he made the post; which he deleted later on. He even went ahead to disclose the liquor brand that he had consumed and advised his fans to be cautious when using it.

Anyway, opening up about the incident, Enga came out to appreciate all those who checked out on him.

”I was drunk zikanisho ni weke post ya umbwakni. Pombe si supu mimi nimewacha”


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