Popular gay Robert Wanyoike exposes Nairobi doctor who assaulted him after having s3x with him (Photos)

Robert Wanyoike took to social media to expose Eddy Murithi – owner of Mekam pharmaceutical whom he claims assaulted him after having sex with him.

“It sucks to hear such people really exist in our society ? ? …I visited this guy,Eddy Murithi,owner of Mekam pharmaceutical and allegedly a Doctor at Nairobi Hospital (0722801959) in Upperhill on 24th of August …I got to his mansion and he wanted me to crossdress ..so I went to the bathroom and did my make up and wore my wig with a long black sport tshirt ? .. it was like 5pm..we had sex upto 9pm and All hell broke out!!! (I hope this story will change someones life) he had cum almost three times and now he wanted me to give him a blowjob!! I was really running late and I couldn’t do that coz the niggah takes like 40mins to cum (note we were on 4th round!!),” wrote Robert Wanyoike in part.

Bruised hand

Wanyoike says that Eddy Murithi roughed him up in the bathroom where he sustained a deep cut on his hand. He further reveals he was forced to sleep in the street after Murithi threw him out of his house.

I tried to get out of bed but he later slapped me and pushed my neck toward his di**! I tried to defend my self but couldn’t coz he was hold my head and it was painful and the same day I had traveled and got to Nairobi around 3PM!!… when I reached out to my phone he grabbed it and threw it down…I started getting paranoid and ran to the bathroom coz I had left almost all my stuffs there when I was preparing before sex..he followed me in and pushed me to the bathtab ..there was a metallic soap dish that bruced my hand deeply and that’s how I got the scar on the picture! ! I told him enough was enough and I started screeming..he pulled me out of the house I had removed my wig and had wore a short. My phone screen had broken (iphone 8+) he gave me sh.300 and the watchman closed the gate!!

I was not familiar with the area at night so I asked my way and walked upto green mall whatever in ngong road ..I slept at a friend and went home the next day!! So later I asked him to top me up with 10k to fix the screen and the software coz iphone 8+ screen costs 55k he has refused and threatened me that all his friends know what happened and there is nothing I can do!!! So now you probably think my life is a rollacosta bitch this men are all brutal non of them will leave there wives and come spend time with you just because you think you have something special!!!!! ..if I got out of that house alive I thank God!! This things are real and Sharon and so many others have died in hands of such men!!!

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