Popular homosexual influencer Chokuu flirts with Pastor Kanyari

Pastor Kanyari recently had an intriguing interaction on TikTok Live as he engaged with Christians, including homosexual influencer Chokuu. Their conversation took an unexpected turn, leaving Kanyari reconsidering his initial offer to follow Chokuu on social media.

Curious about Chokuu’s gender identity, Kanyari asked, “Are you a man or a woman?” expressing surprise at Chokuu’s appearance. Perplexed by Chokuu’s response, Kanyari commented on the perceived ambiguity, expressing his bewilderment at the encounter.


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“what do you think Pastor” asked Chokuu.

“Naona uko na mixture, it’s like you are man/woman I’m not understanding. Woi mungu wangu leo nimekutana na nani? Mimi nitatoka tiktok, woi mungu wangu mi nitahama tiktok, and I was told not to join, these things are too much. ”

“Ngai Chokuu hauogopi mungu? (Don’t you fear God?)”

Attempting to clarify his identity as “chapati pindua,” Chokuu’s explanation left Kanyari hesitant, fearing repercussions and expressing a reluctance to engage further. Despite Chokuu’s reassurance about their commitment to spiritual growth, Kanyari remained uncertain, questioning their compatibility and ultimately retracting his offer to connect on social media.

“Sitaki kujaribu. Nifungue roho niseme kama nataka? Jesus Chokuu I want to pray for you. I have seen your picture, Jesus who are you? Ngai and you are very beautiful by the way, woi ngai, why dont you be saved? ”


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As the conversation delved deeper into Chokuu’s personal life, including their dating experiences, Kanyari’s apprehension grew, leading him to withdraw from the interaction altogether, emphasizing the importance of salvation and expressing concern about the challenges ahead.

Ni kumoto!

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