Popular Kisumu club forced to distance themselves from Jalang’o after it was attacked due to his “betrayal”

Image: Jalang'o graduates

Pit Stop Club in Kisumu has been forced to come out and refute allegations that Lang’ata member of parliament Jalang’o (Felix Odiwuor) is among the shareholders in a rather poignant indication of what lies ahead for his political fortunes.

ODM watamchuja! Jalang’o political career is in doubt

This move was necessitated by the fact that it was among the few businesses that was targetted by protesters and vandalised after the area residents felt that he had defected onto President Ruto’s team.


A result of this association to Jalang’o has seen the club’s fortunes dwindle and the management of the club have been forced to issue a statement on behalf of the owners disowning (pun unintended) any link to the former comedian outyside of them having hired his services as an influencer.

Can Jalang’o survive if Raila dumps him like garbage?

According to reports, the allegations were started by Jalas himself but the fires were stocked by business rivals who saw an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone in a bid to give their business authenticity.

The owners went as far as to condemn the attacks on their premises and assured revellers that they are in no way associated with the former radio personality. And one has to wonder whether Jalang’o would have a leg to stand on if today he were kicked out of the party that sponsored his candidature given it was their ardent supporters who voted him in simply because he held the party ticket.

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