Popular LGBTQ Wasafi TV presenter neglecting his kids years after dumping family to allegedly date his type

Relationships out here are getting tougher and if you Kanairo is the mother of all Character development – then wait till you hear about Juma Lokole’s story which continues to surprise many. Well not many, but thanks to his personality (gossipmonger) anything about him keeps fans on their toes.

Juma Lokole

Well Juma Lokole is not only a radio host at the popular media station Wasafi TV but is quite known for his relationship with Diamond Platnumz family. Last we checked, Lokole was said to be besties with Esma Platnumz but after the pandemic period – there closeness hasn’t been portrayed that much on social media.

The fella is also known for his sexuality – in that he is a proud gay man who can shake his waist better than your young collage girlfriends. Ask how I know this? Watch this.

See what I am saying….

Juma Lokole’s ex wife refuses to soil husband’s name

Well before realizing he prefers playing for the same team, Lokole had been married to a certain lady who doubles up as the mother of his kids.

Wema Sepetu with Juma Lokole

According to the lady, they’d been married for 8 to 9 years before their relationship ended and although she made peace with it – the guy ended up blocking her everywhere and are not in touch. Asked how they deal with coparenting – the lady said;

Mimi na juma hatuwasiliani. (Juma Lokole and I don’t communicate, he blocked me.)

This being one of those things happen after a breakup, the lady however says the guy has never reached out after leaving; and although they have children together – he continues insisting on his silence. However she still doesn’t hate him.

Siwezi kumchukia wala siwezi kumuongelea vibaya. Yeye kama ataongea vibaya wacha aongee. Lakini Siwezi mchukia. ( I can’t hate neither can I speak I’ll about him. He is the father of my kids)

Although it’s done and gone – she went on to insist to Bongo 5 that he made a good dad and husband.

Alikuwa baba, alikuwa mume….yaani tulikuwa tunaishi tu vizuri. (He was a good father…good husband and we lived like a normal family)

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