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Popular Radio presenter blames Chiki Kuruka for turning husband, Bien Aime to a weakling

April 21, 2022 at 15:30
Popular Radio presenter blames Chiki Kuruka for turning husband, Bien Aime to a weakling

Sauti Sol is the greatest group to come out from Africa. Imesabaratika juu ya wanawake! This what Andrew Kibe recently said during his recent vlog directed to Kenyan influencers.

First of all, Kibe says he knows he is a hater and incase you’re wondering or bothered… he doesn’t really care what you think. Again, this  information served is from Kibe.

Anyway in a new video shared by the content creator, Kibe picks on the likes of Willy Paul, Frankie Just Gym it, Size 8 among other celebs, but what caught my attention is how he criticized Sauti Sol for settling down.

According to Kibe – Sauti Sol wasted their potential after settling down as husbands. According to him Polycarp was turned to a cook by his wife and now hosts a cooking show, while Bien….well, let’s just say Kibe doesn’t like the tall, dark and handsome fella – that is judging from what he said.

Sauti Sol with their spouses

Andrew Kibe to Bien

Apparently Bien getting married has turned him to a sissy featuring on female talk shows here and there – and has no say in his house.

This is following his statement on allowing his wife to have other sexual partners on the side, simply because he chooses his wife’s happiness over his own. Cute, right?

However according to Andrew Kibe, someone like Bien should have never settled down – since artistes in his caliber don’t marry…asking why? Apparently it kills careers adding this move killed Sauti Sol as a group.

They Became weak as a group, that they couldn’t stay together.


Juzi si wameamza kuenda kila mtu peke yake. Didn’t you see, Before they got women there was none of that sh!t. They got women, women started talking in their heads and Sauti Sol is no more.

Well – not sure why Kibe feels Sauti Sol’s downfall (especially Bien) will be caused by the women in their lives…but didn’t the two just celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary just the other day?


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