Popular Tiktoker Nyako Talks About Her Life In Kenya & Europe

Nyako, a popular Tiktoker who has been in the country for a couple of days doing a meet and greet with her fans, recently gave an interview on Radio Maisha.

In the interview, Nyako said that she considers herself a European and that she has mastered the ways of living like a white man. She also said that she is proud to be Kenyan, but that she stopped living like a Kenyan when she moved to Europe.

Nyako worked as a housemaid in Europe from the age of 23 and has lived there for almost 18 years. She said that she went to Germany because she was not self-aware, confused, and didn’t have perspective. She also said that she had a hard time settling in.

Nyako joined TikTok 6 months ago and said that it hasn’t been easy. She said that the name “Pilot” in her username comes from the fact that her husband is a pilot.

Nyako’s interview has sparked a lot of debate on social media. Some people have criticized her for saying that she considers herself a European, while others have defended her right to express her identity.

Nyako’s story is a reminder that there are many different ways to be Kenyan. She has chosen to live her life in a way that is different from the traditional Kenyan way, and she should be respected for her choices

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