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Positive masculinity: Jalas takes aim and rips at Frankie Just Gym It’s haters

July 22, 2020 at 08:02
Positive masculinity: Jalas takes aim and rips at Frankie Just Gym It's haters

Jalas and Frankie Just Gym It are the big topic of discussion today. Toxic masculinity is a term feminists and lazy female “philosophers” like to toss about to shame men but today we are going to have a look at what positive masculinity is. You see, women cannot define what masculinity is let alone diagnose its toxicity in men.

“Haufai kuwa kwenda gym na unalia” Jalang’o to Frankie Just Gym it

Jalas, has put his brother, Frankie Just Gym It’s struggle on his shoulders and he has decided to explain and defend his position and the fact that he is involved in his children’s lives to women like Kamene Goro who are taking illogical arguments to an entirely new level.


For the uninitiated, the issue here is the fact that Frankie Just Gym It is a man who was vilified by his ex-wife, a woman who chose to pull the plug on her relationship and marriage only for her to manipulate public sentiment about his role in the developing situation and Jalas is here defending his brother. If we the public were manipulated into feeling some type of way about Frankie, can you imagine what he has to deal with when he goes over to his family home to pick up his children?!

Do Jalang’o and Kamene Goro have radio chemistry?

Frankie Just Gym It is probably being zeroed out. He is dealing with a woman who knows her children are taken care of by both Frankie and his family and yet when she opens her mouth to speak at interviews, she alludes to being a single mother who is doing it all on her own and she don’t need no man. Frankie is crying because he is a great father. He knows that his personal failure to keep his family together could actually harm his children in the long run.


Kenyan comedian, Jalang’o

Frankie Just Gym It is bleeding for the wellbeing of his children. He misses them.

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It is an understanding of what a man is going through during such a bad personal time that Jalas is outchea attempting to defend his fellow. You see, Jalas has been through an experience of his own and whether or not it was of his making, he understands what it is like when the public tear you down and attack something you love; family.

frankie just gym it

And Jalas knows that for a man with as much going for him as Frankie does, a man who is the epitome of the evolved expression of masculinity and he is bearing his soul and his hurt for no benefit, simply because of the realization of where he is at as a father and it got him in his feels. If you as a man cannot take that into account then I don’t know what to say.

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The best part of all this was that Jalas showed a side of his humanity in such a manner using his humour that it went over so many people’s heads. It shows a level of IQ that is not just surprising, it is impressive. But as they say, listen to what a man says in his anger and in jest to know where his heart lies.


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