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Pregnant Jackie Matubia talks about her fear of childbirth days to delivering second child

March 25, 2022 at 17:37
Pregnant Jackie Matubia talks about her fear of childbirth days to delivering second child

Actress Jackie Matubia popularly for her role on Zora is heavily pregnant with her second child; 7 years after she had her first child, Zari with ex husband. As the story goes, baby came and as soon as they started settling in a family of 3 – the ugly breakup went down.

However, years later she met a man she now describes as her best friend and the love of her life. This is because the new relationship is based on mature feelings – now that she understand the meaning of once bitten twice…

Tbt: Jackie Matubia with daughter, Zari

With that said, Jackie Matubia who is currently in the last stages of her pregnancy says she’s started to freak out about labor and believe me – she’s scared for real. This is because she still remembers the pain she faced while laboring back when she had daughter, Zari.

Labor pains scare Matubia

Not that this is an issue but after laboring for 9 hours and having to push for 45 minutes – is no joke. Don’t believe me? How about you visit a maternity ward then. Anyway speaking about her first experience at child birth Matubia said;

Actress Jackie Matubia

If there is one thing I am fearing it’s labour.


My first baby I laboured for 9 hours and pushed for 45 minutes.

Well, although many think that CS is an easy painless process ooliskia wapi Jackie Matubia is confident about having normal child birth; but doesn’t mind Caesarean section – just in case, you know….it’s gets tougher or there if a medical complication occurs.

But I still want a normal birth. I am not praying for complications but I am  still o.k.

The new revelation on her first pregnancy comes just days after her first false labor pains; and’s happening – the little human is ready to vacate from mummy’s womb.


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