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Pregnant? Thee Pluto’s Girlfriend Felicity Shiru Spotted With Protruding Belly (Video)

June 27, 2022 at 09:30
Pregnant? Thee Pluto's Girlfriend Felicity Shiru Spotted With Protruding Belly (Video)

For a while now, fans have been speculating that Thee Pluto’s gorgeous girlfriend  Felicity Shiru is pregnant with their first born child. The rumour has been out there for a while now; and both Pluto & Fel have been avoiding the question on the same.

To spice things up, the two sweethearts had already moved in together a few weeks ago to a bigger house- a very big one.

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Felicity Expectant

Thee Pluto’s love for kids is evident from his sentiments. And he recently disclosed that getting kids at an early age is a wise decision. The YouTuber already has a baby daughter and a baby mama- who denies him access to her even though he’s not a deadbeat dad. Anyway, the bottom line remains Pluto is enamored of kids- and that’s why the probability of Felicity being pregnant is high. ‘

She was spotted at a friend’s birthday party taking video- And apart from the conspicuous protruding belly, her weight change also suggests that she’s heavily pregnant.

Fel hasn’t been posting much recently, which means she’s getting busier with taking care of her pregnancy. If the speculations are true, I bet there’ll be doing a pregnancy reveal soon.

Watch the full video below;


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