President Ruto: I didn’t want my daughter to speak or be present at the funeral for General Ogolla.

President William Ruto reflected on the profound influence the late Chief Defence Force General Francis Ogolla had on numerous individuals, including his own family.

Addressing the funeral service at Senator Obama Primary School on April 21, President Ruto shared a touching anecdote about his daughter, Charlene Ruto, who was deeply moved by General Ogolla during his tenure.

Recalling an amusing incident, he recounted his attempt to dissuade Charlene from attending the burial.


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“When my daughter called me last night expressing her wish to attend the burial, I told her, ‘Charlene, there is no way you are going, and there is no way you are going to speak anywhere.’ But as fate would have it, she found her way here, and before I knew it, she was at the microphone. That’s how influential Gen Ogolla was,” President Ruto remarked.

The head of state also mentioned how he initially suggested to his wife to focus on other engagements, but she opted to attend the burial instead.

“Again, I had suggested to my wife that since we were occupied yesterday at Lang’ata, maybe she could attend to other matters today.”


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President Ruto emphasized the significant loss felt by the nation, stating:

“General Ogolla was influential not only to those he worked with daily but also to those who understood his contributions to our country. Many may say various things because they do not comprehend what those of us who closely worked with General Ogolla know about his dedication to our country. I am certain the general here knows that we have lost a remarkable man, and I wish we could all honor him with a dignified sendoff.”

Kenya’s First Daughter, Charlene Ruto, delivered a poignant tribute to General Ogolla and conveyed condolences on behalf of the nation’s youth.

Sharing the platform with General Ogolla’s daughter, Lorna, Charlene extended heartfelt sympathies to the family, stating: “Our heartfelt condolences to the family of General Ogolla from the young people of Kenya. Kenya has lost a CDF, and as young people, we have lost a mentor and a champion.”


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Reflecting on her interaction with the late General Ogolla, Charlene recounted their conversation from last year.

“I met him last year, and he spoke highly of the Africa Youth Climate Assembly and inquired about how we could promote environmentalism and climate action within the defence forces. Perhaps we still need to do that in his honor,” she expressed.

Charlene also shared the contents of the general’s final message to her.

“…I recently read his last text to me, and it deeply moved me. He was truly our champion. May he rest in peace,” she concluded her address.

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