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Prezzo and Huddah spotted together years after their nasty break up

November 29, 2017 at 14:48
Prezzo and Huddah spotted together years after their nasty break up

Holding on to grudges? Well I bet Prezzo and Huddah are past their nasty break up from their 2013 relationship. The two however gave fans something to watch after they decided to call out each other through their social media pages.

From how things ended between the two, most fans were certain that the two would never see eye to eye. But this is not true. On 28th November night the two reunited at Gallileo Lounge Westlands where the two happened to bump into each other.

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Having not seen each other in so many years, seems that Prezzo insisted on a photo with the lady and later shared it on his Instagram page.

Bumped into my old time friend #Rapcellency

From his caption we can see that the fella has already friend zoned himself now that he is taken by one hot Tanzanian socialite, Amber Lulu.

Prezzo’s relationships

We can all agree that 36 year old Prezzo has had his share of fun with women. After splitting with his wife who is also the mother of his daughter, Prezzo has never settled since then.

His ex fiance Michelle Yola called off their relationship and quickly moved on with a Caucasian man and the two are expecting their first child come next year.


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