Prezzo mourns dad who succumbed to cancer

Rapper Prezzo was recently on social media to mourn his dad who died 26 years after succumbing to cancer.

The rapper took to social media to share that his father died from the disease in 1993 a reason why he has devoted himself to fight cancer.

‘I lost my Father Dr Morris Makini to cancer in 1993 & thats when i realised how deadly a disease cancer is,” he said. 


He went to add that he’s devoted to fighting the killer disease and will be in Lodwar on September 28 to show support.

“Cancer is not one disease. It is a group of more than 100 different and distinctive diseases. That said, on the 28th September i will be joining Moses Loogos Cancer Foundation on their annual Lodwar cancer awareness race 2019,” he said.

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