Prezzo reveals he dumped his second wife, blames failed marriage on her expensive lifestyle

At this point I’m starting to feel like marriage isn’t something I should rush into, right? Everyone seems to be breaking up, from celebrities to close friends and truth is….its just scary thinking about it.

Since the pandemic hit….relationships have changed in an unexplainable way – others for better and most for worst judging from how bitter baby mamas have become on social media. Well – there’s Khaligraph Jones and ex, Mulamwah and baby mama, Obinna same case….and the latest one Prezzo.

Prezzo with ex wife Isabelle,

Well the former rapper now politician revealed he divorced his wife, Isabelle due to her expensive lifestyle. Prezzo went on to add that although he was blames himself for introducing her to the flashy lifestyle, Isabelle somehow got carried away. Speaking to Milele FM’s Ankali, he said;

Sina First Lady bro. Contract ili expire. Unajua hawa ma madam pia ni gharama, at least wacha gharama nimesema iende,

Prezzo can talk – Weuh

Judging from how quick he was to share details of his failed marriage…couldn’t help but wonder why because you know men don’t rarely dosh out such personal information right? Look at what Kennedy Rapudo did after his break up with Amber Ray, but then again – we are not all the same.

Unajua maisha yangu sio maisha ya kawaida. Nilipiga mahesabu nikasema OK mbona hawa wasichana wote nimekuwa nao…harusi yangu ilikuwa 4.6 million, kwa siku moja nikaridhisha watu.

Well from the audio, Prezzo says he dumped his ex wife a few days to Valentines Day – just to avoid the unnecessary spending. Yea, thats what he said and no – i don’t think he is planning on taking his words back. Just wow.

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