Prezzo reveals why Michelle Yola’s name tattoo will remain on his skin even though she has moved on with another man

Prezzo was dumped by Michelle Yola who couldn’t stomach his unfaithfulness. The rapper maintains he has gotten over his ex but her memories still remain integral part of him.

Prezzo popped the big question to Yola and she said yes, and when everyone was waiting for their big wedding the unexpected split happened.

Prezzo and Michelle Yola

The controversial rapper tried multiple times to reconcile with Yola but the lass was adamant she didn’t want anything to do with Prezzo.

Speaking to Kiss about the failed relationship with Yola, Prezzo revealed that he had finally accepted his ex had moved on with her life.

“If God hasn’t written it, it won’t turn out the way you want it to.I believe that life is a learning curve and if one door closes, another one opens. Some things will happen and make you feel heartbroken but maybe it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Yes, I have gotten over her already. I keep myself very busy. I just hope and pray that she is good where she is,” Prezzo said.

The rapper also revealed that he wasn’t seeing anyone at the moment, he stated that he had no rush to jump into another relationship just yet.

“No, I’m not seeing anybody right now, and I’m not really in a rush.”

Yola is however rumored to be dating a white man, she shared photos of the lucky guy on Instagram even though she concealed his face.

Prezzo also made it clear that he won’t get rid of Michelle Yola’s name tattoo on his hand even though his ex has moved on to date another guy.

“The tattoo stays because you have to understand that when I was getting this tattoo she was a very big part of my life. We dated for like two and a half years and the problems that I came across she was the only one there for me. Me saying I’m gonna remove the tattoo because she has another man is petty and immature,” Prezzo explained.

Michelle Yola and Prezzo flaunt their names tattoos

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