Before and After; Prezzo unveils a new photo to prove that his ex girlfriend had a negative effect on his health

Image: Prezzo

Prezzo and Michelle Yola have lately been taking their drama to social media, parading their dirty linen for everyone to see.

The two ex lovers are now accusing each other of things that have left many shocked, however most Kenyans following the two seem unbothered as they have better things to think of.

While Michelle Yola is accusing Prezzo of threatening her life, the rapper has released a new photo to show the effect Yola had on his health.

From the two photos shared on his Instagram…Prezzo says that his health kept getting worse due to the stress he was going through when dating Michelle – he however added that after dusting himself off her, he now feels like a new man and his latest photos can prove this.

He captioned his photo saying;

Before and After; Prezzo

Notice the difference? The first picture I was with Scholastica, full of stress, 2nd pic is when I dusted schola off my life…. so schola if you are drunk of love I suggest you get over it, cry me a river build a bridge and get over it.

Not quite sure where the drama is coming from but these two have picked a wrong time to seek attention on social media.

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