Priceless! Meet the lady who carried a 107 year old grandmother on her back to Kabiruini grounds to celebrate the 54th Madaraka Day

As we marked the 54th Madaraka Day on 1st June…a lady by the name of Nyaguthii did something most people would think twice before doing.

Well, Nyaguthii has been the talk of town after her photo of her carrying an elderly woman, Gladys Kagure found its way on social media. From the picture it’s easy to see that she took mercy on the 107 year old lady who was walking to Kabiruini grounds in Nyeri County where the celebrations were being held.

What has shocked many is that the the two ladies are not relatives but strangers who happened to bump into each other. But having seen how the grandmother was struggling to walk, Nyaguthii carried her back not knowing that her actions would win the hearts of many who now see her as a Good Samaritan sent down from heaven. Checkout the photo below;

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