Pritty Vishy apologizes for introducing someone else’s boyfriend as her own

Pretty Vishy had me convinced she had finally bagged herself a handsome boy who sue recently introduced on her social media pages….and for the first time – she actually covered the guys face to keep him as a mystery….forgetting that kenyans have watched enough FBI series to uncover anyone online.

For a mimute it all looked true until she posted another photo but this time around the background looked different in that hapo si kenya….ama? Like, it was now obvious so that our pritty Vishy was either catgishing or dilusion…..and i am thinking both cause – damn shes verfied and catfishing?


Anyway hours after introducing the fella, kenyans on social media then begun pointing out her lies and in less than 24 hours….Pritty Vishy has finally comeout clean explaining the nature of her relationship with the guy…and from what she says is that they are just friends.


Okay okay wait…i don’t know why this sounds like another lie….but it is what it is.

Pritty Vishy needs a pretty boy

As seen on recent post – Vishy apologized for not only catfishing but for making it seem like she is taken wherelse she remains single.

And at this point I can’t help wonder how pressure she must feel now that Stevo Simple has found a new partner to make content with. Or how desparate could she be that she has started hallucinating about relationships – then posts them online?

Anyway maybe ni utoto but come on Vishy…..watu hapana wajinga!

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