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Pritty Vishy Is Evidently Jealous Of Stivo Simple Boy”s Wife

March 07, 2023 at 10:00
Pritty Vishy Is Evidently Jealous Of Stivo Simple Boy''s Wife

Pritty Vishy is still at Stivo Simple Boy’s business. After their nasty fall-out, Pritty Vishy has been denigrating the singer, especially for his relationship after he decided to move on.

After Stivo Simple Boy’s dad passed on, the singer left fans’ tongues wagging after introducing his wife to his family. No one expected Stivo to such a thing; considering how silent the fella is.

The singer surprised mourners during the burial of his late father Antony Adera when he introduced his wife who is known to few.

Bwana asifiwe, kwa majina ni Stephen Otieno. Mimi ni kitinda mimba wa Antony Adera na nimetembea na mke wangu (Praise God, my name is Stephen Otieno I am Antony Adera’s last born and I am here with my wife),” Stevo said

Pritty Jealous Of Stivo’s Relationships?

Stevo Simple Boy Introduces His Wife at Father's Burial

While at it, Pritty claimed that Stivo’s marriage is a ‘come we stay’ marriage and that he should do a wedding to prove that he has indeed married the woman.

He spewed her sentiments in a recent interview with SPM Buzz;

Come we stay is not being married even the court said so. You have to do the right thing kama unataka kumwoa. Angekua ameoa tungejua tu. Watu wangapi wamepelekwa kwa wazazi na bado wakaachwa?

It’s important to note that Vishy previously also claimed that she has been introduced to parents of her exes; but the relationship ended in a cul de sac. But it seems uncouth to poke her nose into Stivo’s business. She’s obviously not happy with the singer moving on.


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