Pritty Vishy kissing a girl is just another experiment to remain relevant

Okay, it clearly appears that Pritty Vishy is fighting to remain relevant in the industry but without having Stivo Simple by her side….things aren’t working out like before.

Problem is, she can’t go back to the guy especially after she mocked him and openly confessed to cheating on him…a stunt that made Stivo Simple look less of a man.  But again, this happened a few months back when everyone in the indutsry wanted a piece of Pritty Vishy and I guess the fame and attention got to her head, hence the attitude.

Stivo Simple boy spotted with ex, Pritty

However what Pritty Vishy did not know is that Kenyans can easily give you short term fame and forget you even existed come the next day….something I now believe Pritty Vishy is currently experiencing.

Doing it for clout

But thanks to her team, seems like Vishy is now willing to fight for her spot in the industry and what better way to keeps tongues wagging by exchanging Saliva with a female bestie, Becky Akinyi.

Having been a good girl from the word go, this was kinda surprising but also daring coming from Pritty Vishy…and although people have been throwing shade – mmmh can’t say the boychild community has any problems with Vishy sharing such content – if thats her passion. They’ll watch and support.

Pritty with Georgina


Anyway the kissing stunt comes just days after she was seen carrying Georgina Njenga like a baby…sigh…but si mlisema mnataka content.

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