Pritty Vishy Makes Us Question Her $exual Orientation

Stevo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy recently hinted that she’s among the LGBTQ community after getting cosy with her fellow lady.

The socialite has been trending over the latter sentiments and she’s not stopping at any cost. Recently, she called out anyone who reported that she’s among LGBTQ community; rebuking the rumours that she’s gay.

”So today am going to be honest with you all. am Straight and stop saying that I joined eljibitikiu… It’s not a bad thing to be there bt for me am straight…

She continued to reiterate that she’s only looking for a boyfriend and that she’s a straight woman.

”I’mooking for a boyfriend… Yaani am straight looking for a boyfriend… Yaani  love omuzigidi. So stop spreading the rumours or the so called news I beg…”

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Pritty On LGBTQ

Pritty Vishy is among the controversial socialites  who’s antics  have been questionable. We have witnessed a couple of celebrities transitioning from straight to rainbow in the last couple of years believing that they would get ‘better’ treatment from them. Notiflow & Kaz Karen Lucas are epitomes of the same. And Pritty has made us question her sexual orientation too after breaking up with Stevo Simple Boy. It’s not yet in black & white but it’s only a matter of time before we get to fathom the same.

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