Pritty Vishy mocking Stevo Simple’s new wife proves she feels threatened

Image: Stivo Simple boy spotted with ex, Pritty

You see on Friday i did an article on Stevo’s new wife – and for a minute i could have told you that this time around – he wasnt about to introduce his new wife to the online ligestyle…but honestly…I played myself.

So yea before I make more false promises here – how about i tell you why Pritty Vishy has been quick to throwing shade at Stevo’s new found love…..and from where i am looking at the whole situation – i feel like Pritty wasnt expecting her ex to move on so fast….especially after his last relationship turned out to be a clout chasing stunt.

Anyway – immediately we announced Stevo Simple boy was seeing someone new….Pritty Vishy decided to hold a QnA session (not that we didnt expect this) and as usual Fans decided to ask her take on Stevo’s new relationship…..and just like that – Pritty ended up looking needy once again.

Pritty Vishy needs to let go

Wait…hear me out. If someone asked for your take on an ex finding a wife or husband….how would you respond to this? (Keep in mind we are all different.)

Stevo’s new wife

But – speaking for myself….honestly I’d ignore the question for two simple reason. That is – this doesn’t concern me. And whether i say i am happy for them or say his life is not my business – either way this will be easily translated to ‘she is bitter or is still hoping they get back together’ so yea – why waste my breathe on it?

However like I earlier mentioned – we are all different and this is why Pritty Vishy once again making news using Stevo’s name.

Well it all started after a fan wrote asking Pritty Vishy:

How have you taken the news of Stevo public announcement about him being married?

A pretty good example of the kind of questions Pritty Vishy should be avoiding….but being an idle person….she engaged the fan….I mean, what is there to lose right?

Responding to this, Vishy said:

Mm marriage najua lazima kukuwe na harusi. Kaa si hivyo hio ni come we stay na hio s ndoa.

I know her response must have sounded right as she posted it….but come on, whether married legally or not – that shouldn’t be an issue right?

But again – she’s young…probably still thinks fairytale are real.

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