Pritty Vishy Opens Up On Having A Married Man’s Tattoo

Upcoming socialite and ex-girlfriend of Stevo Simple Boy Pritty Vishy, has opened up about her past marriages and the tattoo she got with the name of a married man.

In an interview with SPM, Vishy said that she did not know the man was married when she got the tattoo. “I was in love and I wanted to surprise him,” she said. “I do not regret getting the tattoo, but I want to erase it now that I know he is married.”

Vishy also revealed that she has been married three times in the past. Two of the men she married were already married, but she did not know at the time.

The first time she got married, she was in Class Seven. She met a man who was 18 years old and he gave her the key to his house. “He told me I was like his wife,” Vishy said. “I lived with him for months before my mother found out and took me away.”

The second time she got married, she was in Form One. She was living with her mother and stepfather, but her mother left her stepfather and started dating another man. Vishy said that her stepfather’s new girlfriend was abusive, so she ran away and met a man who offered to let her stay with him. “He told me I could stay until my mother calmed down,” Vishy said. “But then I found out he was married and I had to leave.”

The third time Vishy got married, she was in Form Two. She met a man at a wedding and they started dating. She said that she did not know he was married until his wife contacted her and told her to stay away from her husband.

Vishy’s story is a reminder of the importance of knowing the real person you are getting involved with before you make any serious commitments. It is also a reminder that even if you are not aware of it, you could be hurting someone else by getting involved with someone who is already married.

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