Pritty Vishy Should Stop Complaining About Being Body Shamed And Hit The Gym

Pritty Vishy has been trying by hook or by crook to remain relevant in the celebrity space. The content creator, after her break-up with Stivo Simple Boy, she started becoming quite popular and famous.

But her recent sentiments claiming she has had enough of body shaming isn’t something she should use to chase clout. She ain’t the first one to be body shamed on social media.

She recently went on an online rant admonishing her followers and fans not to embrace body-shaming.

Pritty reiterated the same and admonished women not to change their personality or physique to please men; insinuating that she’ll still be ‘marketable’ with her physique.

”Let me just remind you..meeeeehn are never satisfied hunny..let no man make you change your personality, shape career for him to be with you. A man will have a very nice figured,classy and a wife at home and still chieft with a fat,unshaped (fupi round)who is a maid????????…main message don’t let a man tell you what to do,who to be,and the kind of a body he want juu bado ata CHEEEEAT????‍????️????‍????️????‍????️”


Time To Hit The Gym

Instead of complaining, Pritty should consider hitting the gym. Bear in mind she’s still young. The likes of Chebet Rohoh, Corazon Kwamboka, among others, have thrived in building a fit body because of hitting the gym. Pritty should follow suit and give it a try. I bet she’ll be more marketable after re-shaping her physique.

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