Pritty Vishy should stop hawking herself online

Image: Stivo Simple Boy’s girlfriend: Pritty

Truth is Pritty Vishy isn’t the only woman worried about Valentines Day…actually there are so many ladies wondering why they never get to celebrate this special day with a nice mubaba but unlike Pritty Vishy – they never bring up such topics online.

However we also have to consider that Pritty is just in her early 20’s and should be living life to the fullest, but unfortunately she hasn’t been so lucky. To prove how lonely she is, Pritty through her social media pages earlier today wrote;

Swali ni akuna a potential man out here mwenye a anaona hii mzigo?Aki valentine is coming please get me out of this side????????????…you guys should start dming me interview is on going in my dm????????make sure ukona pesa my fuend hio ni first qualification ????????niko serious

Desperation is stinky cologne

Well, one thing i can tell Pritty Vishy is that the reason she remains single is because no man wants a desparate woman. Not that i am calling her desperate but she has clearly painted this picture to us with her posts not forgetting the shade she throws at ex, Stivo Simple.

Another thing is that men fear women that bad mouth them after a relationship and seeing how she confessed on cheating and using Stivo…..clearly no man wants to be the next victim.

So instead of hawking herself online, how about work on the red flags she’s been flagging these past few months, yes?

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