Pritty Vishy showing what confidence looks like as she steps out in bikini

With the way the sun has been showing off we might as well join pretty vishy in showing off our curves in bikini’s because the heat at this point will reduce us to burnt sacrifices.

Anyway, have yall seen Pritty Vishy anatesa online with bikini photos that not only give us an insight to how her birthday suit looks like….and weuh – lets just say the photographer had alot of editing to do.

However whether edited or not – all i can say is that Pritty Vishy’s confidence is unmatched and continues to stand out hence the acres of skin paraded on her latest swimsuit.

Pritty Vishy parades curves

Pritty Vishy flaunts curves

Well at 21 years we can say Pritty Vishy is on the right track to build her brand as BBW – and although it appears she to have potential – problem is, no plus size agency seem to approach her.

Pritty Vishy

However…this doesn’t mean she can’t hack on her own but problem is – most brands want to support petite and skinny women….maybe because it sells more, but with all honesty having a BBW like Vishy and all that confidence proves many brands are sleeping on her.

But again….kizuri cha jiuza, kibaya cha jitangaza…however you choose to understand that phrase is up to you.

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