Pritty Vishy Warns ‘Broke Men’ Against Sliding In Her DM

Kenyan content creator Pritty Vishy has advised guys who message her via direct message to at least include a little cash and their affection.

The content creator made it apparent on her Instagram Stories that she will only consider love that is accompanied by financial security.

Vishy claims the men are trying to approach her because they believe she doesn’t deserve love because of the painful upbringing she had at the hands of her stepfather.

She recently divulged that her father used to beat her up and mistreat her while she was young.

”My biological father cheated on my mum in front of me with my aunty.”

Pritty claims she saw them undressing and getting ready for the ‘act’.

It’s not the first time Vishy has been complaining about her biological father. It’s something that has been on her social media for years.

Vishy Sends Message To Interested Men

The content creator has now taken to her Instagram to share her sentiments to men who are messaging her.

“To all men who are calling and texting me because they feel like I lack love because of my dad(both biological and stepdad)and what I said in Obinna’s interview … my brothers just leave me alone the only thing am lacking is money… don’t come to my dm if you are offering to give me love alone…if you wanna give me that love make sure you have money too…mkiona hii glow up mnadhani ni makaratasi ndo inanifanya ni glow?” Pritty Vishy wrote.

Vishy has been a fast rising socialite, but she has been having doubts on her looks even though most men are interested in her.

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