“I have products that can tighten nunu’s and p*nis enlargement products” Bridget Achieng talks about her business

Image: Bridget Achieng Ghafla

Bridget Achieng is not ashamed to say that she lightened her skin to look hotter. From a recent interview she had with City Biz, the Kenyan socialite cum reality TV star revealed that she once got dumped by her boyfriend for being dark.

“at one point, I was dumped by my boyfriend for being dark-skinned with an ugly body, which caused me to suffer from low self-esteem.”

After this sad incident, she decided to change her complexion and one way or another she ended up in the beauty-enhancing product business. She is now popularly known for distributing ‘legit’ bleaching creams that go for Sh30,000.

The lady says she got introduced to this business by one of her friends who knew one or two things about the creams. Once she gave it a shot, men started noticing her. She says she used about 1 million to change her entire look, from changing her skintone to trimming down her love handles.

“one of my friends who had travelled widely introduced me to a bleaching agent that completely changed my looks. he I also ‘trimmed’ the tyres, spending about Sh1 million for a look I really love.

Bridget Achieng says she importsher products from Thailand, Egypt and other Arab countries.  She went on to add that this products are in demand and this is how she ditched her fashion and design business. She also sells creams that enhance bubble butts, breasts and tablets that tighten the nunu.
The men are also in luck as she has products that can enlarge a man’s manhood. She says that she gets calls from more than 30 men weekly and is forced to deliver the products as they are not comfortable with picking them at the shop.


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