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Profesa Hamo explains how family issues almost cost him his career

March 29, 2022 at 09:41
Profesa Hamo explains how family issues almost cost him his career

Comedian Profesa Hamo is not hurt by the harsh words said by Kibe about him and his failed comic career. Well, if you well – a while back Andrew Kibe attacked Profesa Hamo for being a simp; following his public family drama with wife, Jemutai who had called him out for being a deadbeat dad to their two kids.

Hamo with second wifey Jemutai

According to Kibe, this proved that Profesa Hamo is not man enough to control his own family; and just when you thought his words couldn’t get any bitter – he decided to talk about Profesa Hamo’s career… which he described as washed up and boring with nothing to offer his fans.

With every harsh word said, Profesa Hamo on the other hand chose silence – until recently when he spoke to Mungai Eve addressing the claims made by Andrew Kibe. Well, unlike what many expected Profesa Hamo in return did not insult Kibe but had this to say;

Prof Hamo

Comedian Profesa Hamo

You know, kuna time nilikuwa nimelose focus because of one thing and it’s part of this business. Ni kama kufungua shamba na kuanza kulima, unapanda ngano, hakunyeshi zinapotea unajaribu jani inakataa; unachukua cabbage upeleke marikiti unagongwa, that’s the nature of this business.

When you fall, stand!

Knowing that his family scandal cost most of his projects including his career as a comedian, Profesa Hamo explained his situation saying that sometimes people fall; but what matters is whether they chose to stay on the ground or get up and dust themselves. Which he did.

Speaking with Mungai Eve at Akuku Danger’s 1mic 30 artistes event the comedian said;

The essence is to keep looking at the ball, eyes on that ball. You will go down, come back up and in fact, now am even more fun because of my family and children.



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