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Proof that Zari Hassan is no different from most women in our society when it comes to love

September 27, 2017 at 16:59
Proof that Zari Hassan is no different from most women in our society when it comes to love

Many understand that Zari Hassan has had a tough relationship with Diamond Platnumz where she has been embarrassed and judged by many for loving the Tanzanian singer.

Some of the things she has faced in the public eye have left many ladies saying that they would never stick around such a man but come on…this is just cheap talk as I know many ladies have faced worse experiences and are still with their men.

Zari Hassan

I have compiled a list of things as to why she is no different from most ladies including wives and girlfriends.

1.Committed: Just like Zari is committed to Diamond Platnumz this is the same way you find wives and girlfriends acting. They would never cheat or put their relationships in a compromising position despite knowing the fella is creeping with other women

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2.Ignorant: Yes…they never pay attention to the small details showing why they should walk out of their relationship. To them – having a man by their side is more important than their happiness which is something we have seen in Zari.

3.Selfless: They are willing to sacrifice whatever they have just to make their men happy. In Zari’s case we have seen her fly in and out of South Africa to go see her man and despite having his family bad mouth her – she tries to stay friendly.

Zari and Diamond dining together after he publicly embarrassed her

4.Hardworking: Since they expect nothing from their men, these women tend to work hard just to make sure their families don’t lack anything. This is the same thing that Zari Hassan does…even when dating a big star like Diamond she continues to work harder in her businesses to ensure her sons and daughter will never sleep hungry.

5.Family oriented: I must say this is just for the few women who value the worth of having a family. Just like Zari Hassan who knows her man cheated on her with Hamisa Mobetto…she is still with Diamond Platnumz for the sake of her children who need their father in their lives.



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