Prophecy foretold? Khaligraph Jones’ words of wisdom come back to haunt Shakilla, 2 years later (Video)

Image: Kenyans in shock after Khaligraph Jones’ words of wisdom come back to haunt Shakilla, 2 years later (Video)

It is sad that what Khaligraph Jones prophesied about 2 years ago, has come to pass in one of the most untelling of circumstances.

The Kayole-born and bred music star left a message back in December 2018 that has come back to haunt the Kenyan celebrity space today.

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Khaligraphs work of art

2 years down the line, a video of Khaligraph rapping some wisdom to an upcoming socialite, just 19 years of age, who ditched school for fame and got entangled in all sorts of controversies, has re-emerged.

Khaligraph Jones’ words of wisdom come back to haunt the Kenyan celebrity space

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Interestingly, the mere fact that the art piece speaks to one of Kenya’s own, has left many in shock.

For many, this is a message that perfectly speaks to a dear Shakilla, if only she cares to listen and learn.

“Shawty trying to be the next Vera, be the next Huddah. Na ju ya pressure anajipea kwa mabuda. She wants the first life na so hapotezi muda, ataki beshte zake wamconsider as a loser. Ataki story za chuo, hazisaidii life,” the rap piece starts off.

Internet sensation Shakilla

“At 19 ashapoteza ID twice. I tried to talk to her, thinking I’d be nice but akanitoka ju singemletea IG likes. Anataka high heels tu ka za Amber Rose. So anaenda kutafta buda anaweza kummanga doh,” he continues.

Unfortunately, the rapper believes this might be the end for the 19-year old socialite who is actually wasting away her future, so she better listen to what he has to say;

“To this ni**as, you are nothing but another h*e. They don’t care about the clothes or the manicure in your eyelashes, all they think about is how they gon hijack it. Tap it alafu akutoke ndio usiwaimpata. Instagram isikufanye ujivunje mguu, coz all these people out here, mehn they don’t keep it true,” Khaligraph cautioned the babe.

Shakilla’s Halloween look

“Girl, just listen, all these niggas is lying to you out here, crazy!” he wraps up the art piece.

One that majority of Kenyans believe best describes Shakilla’s life as we speak and she can only be wise and listen.

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