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Proud mother! Meet the stunning woman responsible for Mammito’s existence (Photo)

December 07, 2020 at 11:15
Proud mother! Meet the stunning woman responsible for Mammito’s existence (Photo)

Mammito has come from far. In fact thanks to her latest interview with boss, Churchill fans finally get to learn more about this successful comedienne; who has been motivating young women through her career.

In a detailed post, we learn that Mammito’s mum gave birth at only 15 years; but this did not stop or hold her back from being a good mum. Having been brought up in Kibera, Mammito says her mum was forced to relocate her back to her village, Muranga where she grew up with her grandmother.


Of course life was not as easy due to the sudden change of environment; but just like any selfless mother – we are pretty sure Mammito’s mum only wanted to have her daughter raised the right way.

Like mother, like daughter

And as you know – there is no tougher life than that of a single mum. However as the years have gone by, Mammito’s growth in the industry has now left her mum feeling proud as her daughter was recently named as the most followed female comedienne in Africa. Bravo!

As a single mum, I bet Mammito’s mum must be proud of the fat her daughter has since come. And although she was never raised with a dad present; the comedian has proven to be wise in terms of selecting a responsible life partner.

Anyway, as we await for her wedding with Eddie Butita – allow us to introduce the special woman who gave birth to the hot Eunice Mammito.

Mammito’s mum


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