Queen Darleen issues stern warning to ladies preying after her tycoon husband (Details)

Tanzanian musician, Queen Darleen has declared that she will not allow any other woman to come in between her marriage and tycoon, Isihaka Mtoro.

The first lady at WCB wedded her longtime boyfriend in a private event in December 2019, making her the second wife of the businesswoman.

She laid to rest reports of her accepting to get married as a second wife after stating that the Islamic religion allows a man up to 4 wives, something her dad, Mzee Abdul Juma reiterated.

Tanzanian artist, Queen Darleen

Now, the 34-year old woman has warned any ladies eyeing her man that she will not entertain to share her man with anyone!

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She wrote:

My #Quarantine @isihack wa kwangu Mimi pekeangu Parking ya ISIHAKA MTORO Miii Mtagi #QuarantineMoves #QTChallenge wako ????

Queen Darleen with hubby Isihaka Mtoro

Her step-sister and blood sister to Diamond Platnumz, Esma Khan quickly asked what happened to her co-wife.

Weee chakufia hii nyie huyu peke yako hiyo kwioooo kwahiyo unamdelete mwenzio eeeeh!!!

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Something she never answered.

Darleen went ahead to admit than very few are able to maintain their marriages and happily so because for many, marriage and relationships were like a playing field.

WCB first lady, Queen Darleen

You go in and once you are done, you leave.

Ni wachache sana wenye mapenzi ya kweli wengi wao ni wasanii wa maigizo ya movie ya mapenzi. Inamaana ata movie iwe ndefu vipi lazima itakwisha tu na inaaina mbili za uishaji wake. Eiza uwe mwisho mzuri au mbaya. Iwe imekusikitisha au imekufurahusha iyo ndio Hali iliyo sasa kwenye maisha ya mapenzi.

Before declaring:

I LOVE YOU ISIHAKA MTORO wangu @isihack wa kwangu Mimi pekeangu ❤????❤ #PARKINGyaISIHAKAMTORO ????

Mr and Mrs Isihaka Mtoro

The already mother of one was reported to be expectant with her second child who is her first child with the Bongo tycoon and only time will tell.

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