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Queen Darleen shows off new palatial home, still under construction [photos]

January 22, 2020 at 12:44
Queen Darleen shows off new palatial home, still under construction [photos]

It clocks 2 months plus, since Diamond´s step-sister, Queen Darleen tied the knot and she now flaunts her new home that is still under construction.

The Tanzanian musician has consistently blocked trolls regarding her kind of marriage and the real intention behind the marriage.

Darleen has not given her haters a rest with constant affirmation that her marriage life is indeed one to envy.

Just yesterday, the 21st of January, the female artiste flaunted her new home on her Insta pages, a palatial mansion whose exterior is still under construction but one to admire.

Posing in front of the house, Darleen seemed pretty excited and savoring life like it was rich in goodness for her.


Queen Darleen excitedly poses in front of her new mansion

Basing from the comments lined up online, it is almost clear that the now-married singer, will soon be gracing her new home with billionaire hubby, Isihaka and build a family together.


Here are some of the reactions from fans and followers:

Dada Ushaolewa Shugurikia Garden hiyo .. Tutaongeza Mwenzako we jisahau tu … hautujui eeeh ..


@mbosso_ ni kweli tusije tukanyanganya ufunguo mwambie 🤣🤣


Sasa si mumtafutie Gardener jamani? Atengeneze mwenyewe tena?



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