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Radio presenter Tina Kagia’s bikini photo is the hottest thing we have seen this week! (Photo)

February 24, 2021 at 13:25
Tina Kaggia

Former Classic FM radio host Tina Kaggia is giving the male species a hard time (literally) on social media; all thanks to a steamy bathing suit she recently stepped out wearing.

As seen on the post, Tina is seen wearing a black cut out swimsuit – which concealed tiny bits of her body part; leaving the rest for her followers to ogle and truth is – Tina Kaggia is HOT!

Former Classic 105 show presenter, Tina Kaggia

Fans enjoying Thirst trap

From the comments it’s obvious that the steamy photos confused many; probably even baby daddy – since it had been a while since we saw the real Tina Kaggia on social media.

Knowing how badly her break up with comedian JB Masanduku affected her; it is indeed a good thing to see Ms Kaggia back to her old self and truth is – she actually looks way better than before.

Tina Kaggia

Tina Kaggia with ex husband, Tina Kaggia

If you haven’t seen the photo yet, then below is the hot thirst trap giving the male species wild thoughts. To caption the post, the lass wrote;

 Whether you’re married, engaged, single, in an entanglement, going through a breakup or divorce, or basically trying to find yourself. Happy valentine’s Day. Love yourself in ways that make it impossible for anyone to break you

Ms Tina Kaggia looking like a million bucks in steamy swimsuit



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