Raila kicks off Maandamano in Imara Daima

Raila Odinga seems to have outwitted the police officers who were sent to stop him from moving around as rather than going to Nairobi CBD as expected he decided to kick off his maandamano with a rally in Imara Daima.

Raila Speaks On Protesters Throwing Stones At Police During Demonstrations

The former prime minister is reported to have been received by a mammoth crowd who are cheering him on on the first Maandamano Thursday.

In a recent interview with BBC, Raila was questioned about his opinion on the violence and Stone throwing that has become synonymous with his anti-government protests and this is what he had to say,

”There’s what we call offensive violence. And there’s what is called defensive violence. The two are not the same. The police went and basically sealed the residences. They were throwing teargas at the people. People came out to defend themselves. They wanted to get out and that’s why they were throwing stones. ”

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