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Raila Odinga’s Daughter Acknowledges Late E-Sir As A Genious (Video)

June 24, 2022 at 15:49
Raila Odinga's Daughter Acknowledges Late E-Sir As A Genious (Video)

Legendary late musician E-Sir has been recognized by Winnie Odinga as a master-mind when it comes to both music and class-wise.

It’s coincidental that the two were attending the same school as kids(Brookhouse) , and Winnie has reminisced how E-Sir was good when it came to class work.

Even though E-sir was a few years ahead of her, his impeccable performance was vastly recognizable.

“You know E-Sir was in Brookhouse school and he was like the sharpest guy in the school. He was older than me and I think I joined the year he left. But when you reach there as in the presence E-sir was there every photo they used to have awards best student in what what and not just ati music or whatever like best in maths, best in sciences you find E-Sir there.

10 Facts about late E-sir as the world marks 19 years since his death | Pulselive Kenya

Winnie also added that the school recognized him a lot because his achievements academically were incomparable and unbeaten.

E-Sir  passed on in 2003 in a tragic road accident. He’s however remembered over 20 years later by netizens as a bigwig that could have revolutionized music in Kenya.

Watch the full video below:




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