Raila Speaks On Protesters Throwing Stones At Police During Demonstrations

The anti-government protests are still ongoing. Most Kenyans are still waiting to see if the ‘maandamano’ protests will bear fruits or not.

There’s been destruction of property & loss of human lives during the demos, but netizens are yet to give up on demonstrations.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga, who spearheaded the demos, has come in defense of the protesters who hurl stones at the Police during the protests.

Kenya: Raila announces anti-Ruto protests, with major demo in Nairobi

According to Rao, the police normally restrict people from moving out of their residence using teargas; leading to rebel from Kenyans.

He shared his sentiments in a recent interview with BBC;

”There’s what we call offensive violence. And there’s what is called defensive violence. The two are not the same. The police went and basically sealed the residences. They were throwing teargas at the people. People came out to defend themselves. They wanted to get out and that’s why they were throwing stones. ”

Raila has been leading the protests and today will be the third time the protests have occurred. He states that he won’t be intimidated to stop the protests until a change is seen.

Watch his full interview below;

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