Rapper Wangechi reacts to DJ Evolve’s Ksh 6.7 million medical bill, Babu Owino hits back with savage response!

Rapper Wangechi could not hold back her feelings after learning DJ Evolves medical bill had gone up to Ksh 6,684,000.

DJ Evolve hospitalized

The lass who has been maintaining a low profile for a while now reposted DJ Evolves story; which had been by done by a popular news house to which she went on to say:

“I say this from the deepest part of my soul, F*** BABU OWINO!”

Well having heard how hard it has been for DJ Evolves parents, it’s only fair to understand why Wangechi acted this way.

Babu Owino hits back

Responding to Wangechi’s tweet, Babu Owino as usual couldn’t resist the temptation of hitting back as he responded saying:

The said story was not accurate and truthful – Babu Owino´s lawyers respond to DJ Evolve´s ballooning hospital bill


Word has it that the hospital bill amounted to 6.7 million since Ksh 1.66M is the doctors fees, Ksh 1.3M in pharmacy charges, Ksh 913, 683 nursing fee and Ksh 990,000 for the ICU room; and lastly a physiotherapy charge of 494,100 among other charges.

This comes after Babu Owino defended himself saying that he had not abandoned DJ Evolve! According to Babu, he has been making his bail payments to the court who should be asked about the money. He went on to say;

“Unfortunately, the court orders indicated that these monies were to be paid directly to the honourable courts which would then facilitate the release of funds, on a monthly basis to Nairobi Hospital where the victim is hospitalized. This essentially means that our client has no control of the funds once he has deposited the same from the courts”

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