Rapudo buys Amber Ray Ksh 420K weave

When she posted a video of her future husband Kennedy Rapudo purchasing her three human hair wigs for Sh420,000, social media star Amber Ray shocked internet followers.

In a video she posted on her TikTok profile, while they were in a high-end hair salon, the new mother could be seen doing a small happy dance next to her and her spouse.

Two black bags filled with high-end hair products are sitting on top of the counter next to Amber Ray.

The shop staff shows the customers the final sum on the calculator, which reads Sh420,000. Without batting an eye, Kennedy takes his bag and distributes copious quantities of cash.

Amber looks fondly at her man and shines from ear to ear as Kennedy places the cash on the counter and then goes to retrieve his wallet to get his card to top off the amount.

Amber dances joyfully once again and compliments her sweetheart as he hands the key to the attendant.

“Repeat after me, ‘I can never date a broke man’,” the mother of two said as the video’s caption, followed by a series of laughing emojis.

When she tagged him in the video, she put blushing and love emojis next to his name. Online users went to her comment section to share their thoughts on the video.

Others poked fun of the two, pointing out that those who have money in the real world don’t have to show it. Some wished someone like Rapudo would come across them.

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