Rapudo set to gift Amber Ray millionaire’s dream car

Kennedy Rapudo had promised to buy his baby’s mother Faith Makau, a.k.a. Amber Ray, a sleek, opulent British automobile.

The soon-to-be wife was assured by the father of three children that she need not worry about working too hard or spending their money on luxuries since he would provide for her. Kennedy pledged to quickly procure Amber a Range Rover.

The roving businessman made a pledge to buy the socialite a Range Rover in a video that Amber Ray posted on her Instagram stories.

Kennedy boasted about himself and appeared to be dissing Amber’s boyfriend by promising he wouldn’t be one of those guys who took gifts back after a breakup.

Amber had confessed to her boyfriend that she was constantly working hard and hustling in order to finance a Range Rover.

This came after Kennedy accused her of consistently producing spills in his car and asked her if she realized how expensive the vehicle was. Their social media exchange went as follows:

Rapudo: You will not buy a Range Rover, I will buy for you a Range Rover. So relax, just be patient it is a matter of time…

Amber: Bora you promise hutaninyanganya, unajua mimi nilikataa story za magari juu ya kunyanganywa

Rapudo: When I buy for you a car it will be under your name, the logbook will have your name, not mine. Wachana na hao watu they buy a car for you but it is under their names. When I buy for you a car it will be under your name baby, okay?

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