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‘Raundi Hii Mtakula Nyasi’ Mulamwah Warns Thieves Who Stole His Motorbike After Buying A New One

January 21, 2021 at 13:23
'Raundi Hii Mtakula Nyasi' Mulamwah Warns Thieves Who Stole His Motorbike After Buying A New One

After announcing the theft of one of his 10 motorcycles, David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah, has finally purchased another motorcycle. Mulamwah had previously posted about the theft of one of his motorcycles which was a set back to his business. He however noted that his hustle must continue.

In a video by the comedian, he warned the thieves and said that this time he will definitely take action if one of his motorcycles get stolen again.

”Ndio hii. Nimenunua ingine, hii ni 100K. Mkuje mwibe tena. Raundi hii mtakula nyasi. Ninunue nduthi ingine tena mkuje msanye? Na pale Kitale msichome mwizi kabla mniite, mimi mpaka nikue.”

Mulamwah also posted on twitter and Instagram asking for help to find the lost motorbike.

”We lost one, we replace it with a brand new one. The hustle continues irregardless, pole pole tutafika. The hunt for the lost bike continues (KMFD 423Q), thanks for all your support towards retrieving it. Boda Boda guys let’s all be a symbol of hard work, not violence and hooliganism.”

Mulamwah operates the bodaboda business in Kitale where he has employed a number of youthful riders.

Mulamwah cracks me up! The fact that he didn’t look back and bought a newer motorbike to replace the stolen one shows how optimistic he is about his boda boda business. I hope he recovers the stolen one soon enough.


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