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Ray C tells off gospel singer Daddy Owen after he did this

September 24, 2018 at 09:33
Ray C tells off gospel singer Daddy Owen after he did this

Ray C publicly clashed with Daddy Owen over the recent scuffle involving dancehall star Redsan and Tanzanian music producer Sappy.

For starters, Redsan stormed into a studio and beat Sappy black and blue. It is still not clear what prompted him to assault the producer.

Anyway, Daddy Owen recently took to social media to share a photo he posed with Redsan. The gospel singer joked about the recent incident where Redsan beat Sappy.

“This guy made me understand the difference between soldier and sojaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!” Daddy Owen captioned the photo he posed with Redsan.

Redsan and Daddy Owen

Redsan and Daddy Owen

Ray C reacts

Ray C and several other netizens were totally offended by Daddy Owen’s caption and they decided to express their feeling about it.

“Disability walk founder na unafurahia watu kupigwa????shame on you!” Ray C called out Daddy Owen in a comment.

Daddy Owen eventually decided to change the caption following a public backlash, he simply captioned the photo ‘Wishing u a great day from me and my bro…@redsanmusic’.





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