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Rayvanny Fined 50 Million For Performing At Nandy Festival

August 04, 2022 at 10:09
Rayvanny Fined 50 Million For Performing At Nandy Festival

After exiting WCB a few days ago, Tanzanian musical star Rayvanny  has reportedly been fined Sh2.5 million (Tsh50 million) for performing at Nandy festival.

Details of the fine emerged from Tanzanian radio presenters, who claimed that the musician had not fully terminated his contract Wasafi, before making a surprise appearance at Nandy festival.

”Mwanzo alikubali kulipa milioni mia nane yote, kukawa na mvrutano kwa digital platform zake. YouTube wapi wapi hapo ndipo kutokea tashwishi. Alitaka kujua zina mustakabali gani… Lakini Rayvanny akastopisha milioni mia nane kwa sababu alitaka kujua akitoa hii mia nane digital platform zangu mtawachilia lakini kabla bado wana mvurutano huo akaibukia show ya Nandy kama hajamaliza paperwork lakini hii ikawa ni kukiuka masharti.”



Vanny Boy made the surprise appearance at Nandy festival in Songea, which was a huge success for the female crooner.

The hefty fine was also paid by Harmonize after his exit. WCB has had the most successful musicians in Tanzania, and Zuchu is currently under the label. Although she’s rumored to be dating the CEO, she might as well exit the label as soon as she gets rich to endorse herself and have her own label.


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