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Rayvanny with special valentines gift Vumilia

February 13, 2020 at 09:58
Rayvanny with special valentines gift Vumilia

Rayvanny is back with a new single that is all about love dubbed Vumilia. This is a Kiswahili word that asks one to be patient.

The Wasafi member is back with a loud bang and one thing that is for sure he is great. Rayvanny has great vocals and in addition to this, his lyrical prowess is unmatched.

To start with, the jam has been produced by one superman, Bob Manecky.  It is a song filled with love. The way Rayvanny delivers Vumilia brings the solemn mood of the jam.

Rayvanny with special valentines gift Vumilia

Vumilia is a song that calls on lovers to exercise patience in love

Actually, it is clear from the lyrics that the person has no material wealth. Also, he asks the lady to woman to exercise patience as he finds them something like a better life.

“Niwe kibatari Ama mwanga wa mshumaa Kwenye kigiza cha jioni Nikagonga ngangari Tulishushie na dagaa Ukishatoka sokoni,” reads the firts two stanzas.

To add on, in the next verse of Vumilia, Rayvanny narrates ow the girl goes to the market and has to walk back carrying the goodies.

In this case, it shows a girl who is stupidly in love and is willing to wait for the best. Actually, this song Vumilia is very relevant to today’s generation. Great job Rayvanny.

Rayvanny with special valentines gift Vumilia

In another stanza, the Tanzanian star comes with a different thought but still in line with exercising patience in love.

“Kisha tufunge safari Itayochukua masaa Utokwe jasho mgongoni Na venye nina machachari Nikikushika kibaa Utamu hadi kinondoni,” adds the Wasafi signee.

Even as the message keeps getting strong for Vumilia, it seems the guy is good in bed.  Rayvanny has made it clear that he can still please her even without money. What a lovely jam!

To add on, even as we keep on showing love, there is something unique about this Vumilia jam as it seeks to show there is more in love.

In conclusion, Ravanny has done a good job in Vumilia which earns him a rating of 8/10.

Audio below.


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