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Read: Shocking confessions from Betty Kyallo´s controversial nanny

February 07, 2020 at 11:11
Read: Shocking confessions from Betty Kyallo´s controversial nanny

The line between the truth and a lie is a thin one to draw, especially when it is a celebrity versus a common mwananchi.

Betty Kyallo in the week accused her daughter´s former nanny of theft despite paying her monthly dues as agreed upon.

[Un]fortunately, Betty´s nanny has been traced and she has spoken in regards the same. Consolata Wawira during an interview with Tuko, bashed the allegations, instead splashing mud on Betty.

Betty Kyallo´s nanny strongly refutes theft allegations

First, Consolata denied ever stealing, not just from Betty, but from her former employers as well. Second, the nanny revealed that working for Betty has been back-breaking.

Ms Wawira stated that she started working for Betty on 5th of April 2019, just after Ivanna had left the ICU.

Last year nilienda kutafuta kazi kwa bureau mahali Betty Kyallo alikuja kunichukua, so nilienda kwake last year tarehe tano mwezi wa nne. Nilipata mtoto wake ametoka ICU so kufika pale nikaambiwa kazi yangu sana sana ni mtoto.

Her roles were specific: to take care of Ivanna. So she was the one to clean her, feed her and still take her to therapy by taxi.

My work was to take care of Ivanna – Betty´s former nanny states

Often times, Betty seldom came home or to therapy and the nanny had to take care of Ivanna by herself.

Shockingly, Consolata confessed that she would sleep with Ivanna in one room because Betty was never around.

Therapy mimi ndio nilikuwa ninampeleka na taxi na tunarudishwa na taxi. Na saa zengine mamake hata simuoni. Sana sana mamake hakuwangi, hata ni mimi nalalanga na huyo mtoto room mmoja.


On a fateful day, Betty called upon the nanny for a talk, only to be accused of being a thief. Ms Wawira however denied the allegations.

On Monday alipokuja nyumbani ndio aliniita akaniambia anataka tuongee. Akaniuliza kwa nini namuibia.

After all, this nanny did not understand what she could steal in a house that was left empty – no food, nothing!

¨Infact, we have really suffered this January without resources¨ the nanny added.

She called me a thief – Betty´s nanny speaks

Consolata further said that if at all she was a thief like Betty claimed, she would have been behind bars long ago, having worked in the profession for more than 10 years now.

Nikamwabia sasa naweza iba nini na hii nyumba haina kitu. Nyumba ilikuwa empty haina chakula hata hii mwezi wa january tumesafa sana. Hii kazi nimefanya miaka kumi ningekuwa basi nishapelekwa polisi kwa sababu ya uwizi. Sijawahi ibia mtu hii kazi nafanyanga na roho moja.

Her deepest worry is that Betty has tainted her name and she might find it hard to get employed by anyone.

Betty ameniharibia kazi, ameniharibia jina siwezi pata kazi.

During the Christmas holidays, Ms Wawira left only for Betty to take up an another nanny.

Betty fired me without first launching investigations – Ms Wawira

According to Consolata, the new nanny falsely accused her of theft in order to get hired instead. Betty allegedly failed to establish facts before firing Ms Wawira.

Consolata is a single mother of two and still tends to her sick mother.


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