Reasons why Butita and Mammito’s love boat is finally drowning after years of dating

Okay….before i even say anything – Butita says he never attended Mammito’s event…yet there are those who claim they saw him at the venue and infant in the company of Mammito. So who do we believe?

Or wait…could they teaching us how to mind our business? Because one minute iko ivi and the next...mara oh ni uongo…but can’t say we’re not learning, right?

Eddie Butita with Mammito

Anyway whether together or not, below are a few reasons I feel may have led to the facing challenges in their romantic relationship; which then led to the alleged breakup.

No growth

From what we know is that Butita and Mammito have been dating for years, their relationship remains at the same position. No growth in terms of engagement, marriage or even a baby – and this is an obvious red flag since you just can’t be a boyfriend or a girlfriend for more than 5 years – and you dont know where its headed.

Celebrity status

Can you imagine the kind of pressure these two have been putting up in their DM’s. Well, looking at how fine Butita is, i am pretty sure he has a few ladies in the DMs giving him sleepless nights lol….and Mammito – well, shes a beautiful woman – so imagine the tycoons who have been eyeing her. Another major reason as to why celebrities avoid dating fellow celebs.

Butita with wife, Mammito


Just like other relationships, chances are that these two eventually outgrew each other after years of dating; and now that they have evolved and mingled with many other people – chances are that they’re no longer compatible as lovers.


With Butita having 30 and Mammito having clocked 29 years…..mmmmh, I can say they are agemates and as you already know….this type of relationships never end up in marriage and as you can see…these two might have ended a beautiful relationship after years of dating.

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