Recent Research Shows That NRG Is The New King Of Radio In Kenya

A new study conducted by research company Trends & Insights For Africa(TIFA) shows that there may be a monumental shift happening in the Kenyan radio industry. TIFA polled their users to discover two shocking statistics:

1. In terms of Radio Reach, NRG Radio is number one having 10% reach, with Kiss FM, Classic FM, Radio Maisha and Milele FM rounding out the top 5 slots

2. In terms of Radio Share, NRG Radio also takes the number one spot with 8% Radio Share. Kiss FM, Classic FM, Kameme FM and Radio Maisha take up the rest of the top 5.

This is a huge disruption in the radio space. NRG’s revolutionary hybrid model that blends online media and radio seems to be paying off within just one year of operation. Their decision to take online influencers and turn them into radio presenters allowed them tap into a huge audience very quickly, and also keep it relevant. Milele FM also seem to have gotten a major boost from getting the legendary team of Mwakideu and Jalas on board with their videos also trending on YouTube alot.

With every research the pertinent question is ‘how did they arrive at those figures?’ Well, TIFA is currently launching a new method of polling customers, where you install their app on your smartphone and it passively detects the radio frequencies, audio frequencies that reach your phone. This is a more objective way of measuring radio audiences than the old diary method where pollsters required listeners to fill in forms about their listening habits. However, not everyone has a smartphone or the data bundles that this app needs. Nevertheless, it is a good sign of the trends in radio amongst certain demographics. Let’s see what the radio game of thrones will throw at us next.


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