“Redemption” by Runtown is a banger and we love it(Video)

After 5 months of waiting and almost losing hope, Runtown has released the official video of “Redemption.” The Nigerian song writer who possesses amazing vocal prowess has however been underrated so far.  Runtown seems to have walked in the shadows of a few big names in the industry.

What people haven’t realized yet is the huge potential carried by Runtown. Only listeners with the ear for good music appreciate his talent. Nigerians seem to highly value songs which are vigorous and can be danced to.

Runtown however walks a different path with the grace and finesse possessed by just a few. He has been in the industry for years and has done songs such as International Birdman Killer, Mad over You, Energy and Emotions.

Runtown of Redemption

Despite not being celebrated as much, he has gathered a good number of fans who have been waiting eagerly for this video.


Set in vast, plush and serene fields: the video is exotic and depicts much affluence. The horse and doves involved compliment the exotic ambiance intended for the song. The sense of fashion in the video is also worth mentioning besides the two dancers whose dance choreography is spot on.

It is also worth mentioning that the lack of nudes, or scenes with drugs does not take away the beauty of the video in anyway. The fans are treated to pure talent and natural beauty in its authenticity.


“I swear you do not know what you do to me

Dangerous what you do to me

You go give me hypertension oh,”

Oh baby this is my confession oh

Give you love na my intention oh

 Baby show my ride for me

She be my redemption”

Nothing ever goes wrong with a love song. If the lyrics are well arranged as in this song: except for the accent interfering, Runtown will end up in love.

It’s a laid-back song, easy smooth beats and quite calming and therapeutic.

Rating 7/10

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