Rehema Safari: I was told am too beautiful I need to cut my hair short because I am distracting patients 

Rehema Safari is a Kenyan super model who resides in Dublin, Ireland. The beauty queen boasts of winning Miss AFRO Europe 2014.

Rehema’s journey to the top was not easy, she used to do menial jobs in Ireland before realizing her dream of becoming a super model.

The Kenyan beauty queen worked at nursing homes only for the elderly where she used to wash old people’s bottoms and also did other odds jobs.

Rehema Safari
Rehema Safari

“I have done all sorts of jobs cleaning, teaching, hairdressing, hotels etc I never chose a job I was hustling day and night I didn’t care. I took heart I cleaned toilets, I washed died bodies, I used to wipe old people bottoms. I have done it all ask me anything and today I have made it.” said Rehema.

Discriminated for being beautiful

Rehema reveals that she was treated harshly while she was doing blue-collar jobs. The The 24-year-old says her employers unfairly targeted her because of her beauty.

“I have faced so many challenges, I have gone to places and I have been told am too beautiful to work at such place, I am too beautiful I need to cut my hair short, I am causing a lot of distraction towards my co-workers, I am too beautiful I am taking all the attention away from other co-workers to be noticed, I am distracting patients etc. Excuse after excuse It came a time I said why why me God why me what is this beauty all about is it to destroy my life,” Rehema narrated.

The discrimination Rehema faced while doing manual labor only motivated her to join the modeling industry where she eventually made a name for herself.

“I stood strong and I said there must be something special for me but what was It? I didn’t know so I searched and search I finally come to the end of the tunnel nilikuwa na nyota naketia pesa sikujua so I said my beauty my love for fashion is my brand let it out brand yourself and so I did. And am happy from a time I didn’t know what this beauty was all about the charming personality I had the I didn’t know the wealth till the end. I understood God made his child a brand a talent a charming loving gift to the world I know decided to share the gift with the world and use this gift to bless other with it by helping them discover themselves and believe in themselves.”




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